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The Time is Now!


We can’t wait to get your team back to work with the most modern and advanced agreement platform available. As people begin to travel again and businesses around the world re-open their doors, Sertifi is there to help ease the transition.


With fresh solutions constantly in the works, there’s always more to discover. More ways to send, more ways to sign, and more ways to receive your agreements. We have no doubt you’ll be a pro at collecting eSignatures, ePayments, eAuthorizations and eConfirmations in no time.





Here’s a list of support resources to retrain your team and help you get up and running quickly.

Your Key Cards to Success:


– Agreement Platform

  • Sertifi eSignatures
    – A solution for collecting signed documents electronically. To learn more, Click here.


  • Sertifi ePayments
     – A solution for capturing secure payments online. To learn more, Click here


– Authorization Platform

  • Sertifi eAuthorizations
    – A solution for validating credit card authorization forms. To learn more, Click here.


  • Sertifi eConfirmations
    – A solution for seamless B2B payment delivery for virtual payments. To learn more, Click here.