Sertifi Employee Spotlight – Priyanka Gupte

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National Park Wayfarer. Tia Mowry Look-alike. Software Developer.   


Sertifi Office CultureThis month’s Sertifi Employee Spotlight is on Software Developer Priyanka Gupte. Keep reading to learn more about Priyanka’s role, what advice she’d give to prospective hires, and what she likes doing in her spare time.


What is your role at Sertifi and tell me about your day-to-day?


I’m a Software Developer on the Engineering team and my day-to-day involves focusing on improving existing features for Sertifi products and shipping new ones. Most recently, I’ve transitioned over to the Dev team lead role for Sertifi eAuthorizations. I work in tandem with other developers & QA as we enable each other in the sprint to deliver as a team. I like to concentrate on the quality of code that we deliver because I believe that is one of the important factors in customer retention. 


 What is your proudest moment at Sertifi? 


The two proud moments were delivering a UTF-16 upgrade across the Sertifi Portal and the tokenization functionality in frictionless payments. I learned a lot and enjoyed working on both projects. With more exciting projects on the horizon, there will be many such moments. 


What advice do you have for prospective new hire candidates?


Don’t be afraid to ask questions, come with an open mind, and willingness to learn. 


What are 3 words to describe Sertifi?


Flexible, open, and fast.


Which of the Sertifi core values do you associate the most and why? 


That would be “Own It.” Owning your work is important, and it also helps you to “Do Whats Right.” 


What do you like to do in your spare time?


I like to read books, visit national parks, practice yoga, and go for long walks when weather permits. 


What TV show/movie are you ashamed to admit you love? 


So many! I watched 13 Going on 30 and Full House back in school, but I still love it. 


What would you most like to tell yourself at age 13?


Stay positive and keep doing what you are doing. Don’t take life too seriously. 


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