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The ultimate power couple: eSignatures & online payments. Collect signed agreements & payments in one step.


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Stop Chasing Payments

Collect payment at the time of eSignature. Avoid payment delays and time wasted on follow ups. Make the disjointed, problematic payment collection process involving physical paper and awkward phone calls things of the past. Let customers sign and pay in one step, online!

Supercharge Your Sales Team

Let your teams accomplish more faster with friendly reminders to sign and pay, expiration dates on requests, required fields to ensure complete and accurate forms every time, straightforward analytics and reports for tracking and managing activity, and much more!

Enhance Security and PCI Compliance

Say goodbye to paper trails and storing sensitive payment data on site. Use our PCI Level 1 compliant online payment technology which includes advanced tokenization to capture payments and facilitate processing in a secure and compliant manner every time.

Offer Customers Convenience

The #1 rule of attracting customers: make doing business easy. Customers don’t want to be entangled in print, sign, and fax. That's a method of the past! Show customers that you're invested in enhancing their experience by offering the easiest way to sign and pay.

Collect Payments 90% Faster

Speed the payment process by enabling customers to submit payment at the time of signing. Collect payments instantly, schedule for future dates, or perform zero dollar authorizations to verify data. Debit cards, credit cards, or eChecks (ACH payments) are accepted.

Go Paperless with eSignatures

Abolish paper-based processes that slow business down. Streamlines business processes while enabling employees to focus more time on revenue-generating activities like building new business or strengthening existing customer relationships.

Get Paid Faster & Offer Customers Convenience

We believe eSignatures are merely a piece of the closing puzzle. That’s why we released Sertifi ePayments with eSignature capabilities built in. It enables customers to sign and pay within minutes, in just a few clicks, using any Internet-enabled device!

Whether you’re collecting a real time payment, scheduled payment, or zero dollar value authorization to verify the card – all payments are captured and facilitated for processing in a secure and PCI-compliant manner. We also accept alternative payments including direct debit and eChecks. Use Sertifi ePayments today to get paid on time, reduce payment errors, and recognize revenue significantly faster!

What’s Included?

  • All Benefits Included in Sertifi eSignatures (including the easy-to-use portal, unlimited eSignatures, 5 users/senders with the option to add users, and much more)


Additionally, you’ll receive:


  • Secure & PCI-Compliant Payments (Real Time, Scheduled, or Zero Value Authorizations)
  • Advanced Tokenization
  • Includes 1000 Credit Card Payment Requests per Year (Option to Add More)
  • Add-On: Collect eChecks (ACH Payments) with Select Payment Gateways
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Are you looking for an all-in-one payment solution?

In addition to our strong partnerships with all major payment gateway providers, Sertifi also offers SertifiPay, a fully integrated eCommerce payment and processing solution that’s seamlessly embedded into the Sertifi Agreement Platform.

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Sertifi Payments are Powered by Strong Partnerships

Sertifi is proud to be partnered with all major payment gateway providers for domestic and international payment transactions. This means you can utilize your existing payment processor and there is no need to switch providers. If you don’t have a payment gateway or processor, we’d be happy to assist you in finding one.

Happy Clients, Real Results

"Sertifi allows us to get back to what we do best which is being on the floor with our customers ensuring their events are an absolute success!"


"We save hours of work for every group that comes through our doors. On average, we collect signed contracts and initial deposits and payments within just 4 hours, 98 percent faster than using the previous labor-intensive process."


"The tight integration of Zuora, Salesforce, Drawloop, and Sertifi created a turnkey solution for us, transforming the way we close deals and onboard clients."


"Sertifi was a true game changer for us – it allowed our clients to sign and pay online in the easiest way possible!"


"Sertifi moved Topgolf from an internal process focused on compliance to a process completely out-of-scope, due to not handling any guest credit card information. Additionally, it greatly accelerated the time it takes to get agreements signed and event deposits paid - from 5 days to just 3 hours."