Introducing Sertifi Advanced Fraud Tools for Payment Fraud

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Sertifi Advanced Fraud Tools for Fighting Payment Fraud


“Expect the unexpected” is a mindset to follow when streamlining a new process or using a new piece of technology. Sometimes it’s hard to predict the gaps that might appear until it’s implemented. And you won’t know what other tools and procedures need to be considered until it’s become a part of your normal work routine.


Credit card authorization forms are an essential part of the payment process for many businesses. With many businesses moving away from paper authorization forms to digital forms, they are better protecting themselves and their customers from data breaches.


Although digital credit card authorization forms offer a convenient and secure way for businesses to collect payment information, there isn’t an effective way for them to ensure that the credit cards being used on the authorization form are legitimate. This is an area where fraudsters are taking advantage of.


Payment fraud is a challenge that many businesses are facing due to disjointed technology and lack of procedures around card validation during the payment process.


To solve these challenges, we’re thrilled to announce Sertifi Advanced Fraud Tools – a way for your business to prevent payment fraud before it happens.


Sertifi Advanced Fraud Tools is the newest enhancement to Sertifi eAuthorizations. Every transaction that goes through the eAuthorizations workflow undergoes a fraud detection test. Using a combination of AI and machine learning data, you’re given a fraud score that gives you the power to decide whether to accept or decline a transaction.


Here’s how it works:


  • Advanced Fraud Tools starts working in the background when the user is filling out the authorization form.
  • Data points are assessed to determine if a transaction has potential signs of fraud.
  • Sertifi provides a risk analysis score (A-F) based on different variables.
  • After a risk analysis score is displayed, you can decide whether to proceed with the transaction.


By having Advanced Fraud Tools, you’re adding an additional layer of defense to your business that protects you from accepting transactions with chargeback potential.


Advanced Fraud Tools Example 2Take the guesswork out of identifying fraudulent transactions


Every transaction is given a fraud score ranging from A-F. It’s up to you to decide whether to move forward with the authorization form or not.


  • Transactions rated A or B are safe to proceed with because they contain multiple indicators that show a low risk.
  • Transactions with C and D grades are likely safe but notably affected by one or more risk factors.
  • The riskiest transactions are rated F.


Always refer to your company’s policies on how to handle fraudulent transactions.

What determines the fraud score?


These are some of the factors that are assessed.

  • Payment card
  • Authorization status (approved/not approved)
  • Merchant ID
  • Billing address
  • AVS/CVV verification
  • Payer email address
  • Payer IP address


What’s next for Advanced Fraud Tools:


This is an iterative release. Over time, you’ll be able to see reasons associated with each fraud score. The machine learning capabilities will learn the risks as more transactions come through. Additionally, we’ll eventually build in automatic decisioning based on the fraud scores. This will help you and your team better understand the indicators of fraudulent transactions. With this information, your business will be more educated on payment fraud and how to respond to it.


Try Sertifi Advanced Fraud Tools Today


Advanced Fraud Tools is available for eAuthorizations customers at no additional charge. Contact us to learn more.

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