To Drive Sales, Start Thinking Frictionless

  |   Technology

chicago-changeResearch has demonstrated that prioritizing time over money leads to greater happiness and productivity. At work and at home, our time is more valuable than anything else. Unless a task is one we enjoy doing, providing the easiest and most convenient way to tackle it should always win. That is why ‘free’ products are not always a bargain. To learn any new tool, there is a learning curve, and we spend something even more scarce – our time – to master it.


When creating Sales tools, it’s important to keep this time > money equation top of mind when building features and functionality. Some key questions to ask: are we making this interaction easier or more difficult for our users? Are we asking them to modify their behavior? Are we asking them to learn something new? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you’re building in friction, and as a result, you can expect slow adoption and low user engagement.


But, this new feature is really cool!


This is something our customers asked for!


Yes, even then.


This is a challenge we have faced ourselves. As an eSignature provider, Sertifi is built on the core concept of delivering value by making it fast and easy to sign and send agreements. When we heard from our customers that they would like the ability to redline and negotiate on contracts as part of the signing process, we started thinking about how to incorporate this functionality. However, we kept running into the same problem: any solution that allowed senders or signers to edit an agreement already sent for signature introduced issues of compliance and usability. Further, our users had already invested time and effort in mastering Microsoft Word or their contract generation tool – why would we ask them to learn something new?


In the end, we created a centralized space for collaboration and negotiation, where signers and senders can request changes and ask questions, all captured and tracked in one location. By keeping frictionless top of mind, we created a solution that not only met our users’ needs, but added value by making their interactions even easier to manage.

The modern way of selling is all about taking friction out of scope. From signing contracts to making a payment, the easier we make it to do business seamlessly, the faster everything becomes – saving money, and most importantly, time.