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We offer a better way to close business – and no one tells that story better than our customers and partners. Learn what they have to say.

Building a Fraud Prevention Strategy for Your Business

Listen in to a discussion on the history of chargebacks, fraud’s impact on you and your business, and best practices for implementing a fraud prevention strategy at your business with Sertifi’s Senior Customer Success Manager, Peter Laspas, and Sertifi customer, Brian Hicks, Director of Call Center Operations at Rentyl Resorts.

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Sertifi Next Generation | New User Interface Webinar

The Sertifi team has been hard at work innovating and modernizing our Agreement Platform and we’ve some exciting news to share with you. Our brand-new user interface, Sertifi Next Generation, for the sending experience involving eSignature and ePayment requests is available. Register today to see the new interface in action and ask all your important questions.

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Sales and Finance Alignment in a Virtual Work Environment

Have you examined your organization’s Sales and Finance alignment? How does a remote work environment impact their commitments to each other? Listen in on this presentation for ideas for creating stronger alignment between Sales and Finance and strategies for streamlining the customer agreement and payment process.

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Strategy and Process Auditing: Planning for your Property's Future

Watch a recording of our live digital panel discussion from April 15, 2020 with two expert hospitality industry consultants reviewing strategies which hotel properties should implement now to emerge from the current economic downturn due to COVID-19 as strong as possible. Topics discussed include reviewing security measures, housekeeping best practices, and digital transformation of existing technical processes.

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Sertifi Billing - for Salesforce: Quote to Cash, Seamlessly

Sertifi’s integration with Salesforce Billing is the first and only complete integration to allow businesses to collect signed quotes in Salesforce CPQ and secure payments through Salesforce Billing in one simple step. Watch this video demonstration of the integration in action.

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Seamlessly Sign & Pay with Sertifi for Zuora

Sertifi offers a full-circle integration that enables Zuora users to send eSignature and payment requests directly from Z-Quote. During this webinar, you will hear from Sertifi’s VP of Busines Development, Laura Johnston, on how Sertifi:

– Offers Zuora users dedicated Customer Support starting at implementation and beyond!
– Reduces PCI Scope for Zuora users with a digital, secure way of capturing payment information
– Enables Zuora customers like Avalara, Millennium SI, and PatientPop to recognize revenue faster

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Sertifi for Salesforce - Secure Payments and eSignatures

Sertifi offers an efficient way to collect secure customer payments and authorizations through our integration with Salesforce. During this webinar, you will hear from Sertifi’s VP of Busines Development, Laura Johnston and Customer Success Manager, Peter Laspas on how Sertifi:


– Offers Salesforce users top functionality as other eSignature providers with the added value of collecting payments at a better price
– Helps enhance PCI compliance and security for Salesforce users with a digital process.
– Enables Salesforce users to streamline their sales process by using Sertifi with other apps like Zuora, Drawloop, and others.

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How Sage Hospitality Uses Sertifi Inside Amadeus’ Advanced Module

Amadeus and Sertifi work seamlessly together to provide Frictionless Business to hospitality organizations by incorporating eSignatures and online payment capture capabilities directly within Amadeus Sales and Event Management – Advanced. Sage Hospitality’s Manager of Sales Systems, Reporting and Analytics, Jose Soto-Mendigorin, shares how one of the country’s top management companies utilizes the Sertifi button inside the Advanced Module to accomplish the following:

– Abolish sluggish paper involving contracts, BEOs, and payment forms
– Go digital while enhancing security and PCI compliance
– Offer guests ease with a convenient way to sign and pay
– Boost employee satisfaction and on-the-job efficiency with a smooth, integrated process for contracts and payments

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Sertifi Support Center Overview

Join Sertifi’s webinar on Thursday, September 6 at 1:00 p.m. ET. Sertifi’s Technical Writer, Mandy Morgan, will walk you through our newly released Support Center. During this webinar, you will have the opportunity to:

– Learn what resources are available within the Support Center

– Learn how to best utilize the Support Center

– Find out what is coming soon to the Support Center

– Provide valuable feedback to the Sertifi Team on how we can improve the Support Center to better benefit your team

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Sertifi for Salesforce on Salesforce's May 2018 Demo Jam

See 8 apps face off in this epic battle of the demos. Hosted by Salesforce MVPs, these app partners have only 3 minutes to demo their app for the audience vote. Who will win? Watch and find out. Sertifi for Salesforce is featured at the 25:00 minute mark.

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Sertifi eAuthorize Training Webinar

Ready to eliminate paper authorization forms forever? Our latest product, Sertifi eAuthorize, was specifically created for just that! Payment authorizations are verified instantly at the time of online capture and the card is tokenization for future billing needs. Sign up for the webinar to see how Sertifi eAuthorize works and get useful tips to ensure Frictionless Business for you and your team.
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Sertifi for Salesforce CPQ | Why System Integrators Select Sertifi

With new products, partners, and continuous advancements being introduced, Salesforce reports it needs 10x more consultants as it has today to keep up with high customer demand. A multi-billion dollar opportunity is ahead of us. This makes it an incredible time for the Salesforce ecosystem! Are you offering your customers an adequate selection of apps to power their digital transformation? Queue Sertifi. The company takes thousands of organizations from “yes to close” more than 90% faster with easy-to-use eSignatures, unique collaboration features, and secure, PCI-compliant payments.


While Sertifi may not have the brand recognition as some of the other guys, they take great pride in being a customer-centric company that provides superior support, ease of use, and competitive pricing that makes sense for both few users to large enterprises. Their 96% customer retention rate and glowing 4.9 AppExchange rating shines light on their emphasis of both partner and customer success. Sign up to see Sertifi for Salesforce CPQ and ask Sertifi’s VP of Business Development Laura Johnston questions about our new integration!

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Zuora & Sertifi | Beyond eSignatures: Strategies for Growth

54% of the deals forecasted by sales reps never close. It’s imperative that organizations create a detailed sales process that improves efficiency such as implementing a seamless method for capturing customer eSignatures and secure payments. Do you have a strategy in place that will support your company’s growth goals?


Join Sertifi and Zuora, along with Millennium Systems International, to learn how to scale quickly while adhering to PCI compliance standards.

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How Topgolf Hit a PCI Compliance Hole-in-One with Delphi.fdc & Sertifi

Golf skills are definitely not required to have fun at Topgolf – but PCI compliance is. With credit card fraud hitting $12 billion last year, Topgolf understands the importance of protecting themselves and their guests.

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Conga Composer | Reinvent Your Close with eSignatures & Payments

Find out how easy it is for Conga Composer users to capture signed contracts and secure customer payments using Sertifi.

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How to use eSignatures with Sertifi & Shift4's DOLLARS ON THE NET®

There’s an easier way to collect signed contracts and secure customer payments in just minutes. Companies that use Sertifi and Shift4 together shorten their sales process and significantly reduce PCI scope.

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Drawloop & Sertifi | How to Execute Deals 150% Faster

In the time it takes to watch this webinar, you could have already closed a deal. Find out how you can accelerate business up to 150% faster within Salesforce by streamlining your contract process.

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Collecting Agreements & Secure Payments Faster with Merchant Link

If you collect sales contracts and customer payments, don’t miss this webinar. We share how hospitality organizations can use an integrated eSignature and PCI-compliant payment solution to collect signed sales contracts and customer deposits in hours, not days.

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