Announcing Sertifi’s New Product: eAuthorize for Hospitality

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Our main objective here at Sertifi is to help create frictionless business for our customers. With our Closing Pro and Closing Pro+ products, we have been eliminating friction from the last mile of the sales process, providing our customers with efficient and convenient closes.


But because we’re in the business of problem solving, Sertifi has listened carefully throughout the years to the additional issues that our hospitable friends are facing everyday at their properties. And the word on the street is that our hospitality customers are fed up with third party authorization forms, credit card authorizations and other forms of tedious paperwork within their front desk, concierge and spa departments. The industry is searching for a better way to safely and conveniently collect all guest payments. Thankfully, hospitality professionals will not need to look much further for their solution!

Sertifi is thrilled to announce the release of our newest better way to close business- eAuthorize for Hospitality.


With Sertifi eAuthorize, you can now rapidly and securely collect authorization forms electronically from your guests. There are so many amazing benefits that we’re excited to share about this new product.


Real-time Payment Validation

No time to wait for payments to be validated? You work in hospitality so it’s no secret that you’re constantly in a race against the clock. Let Sertifi give you that headstart that you and your guests need in your busy lives. When you switch from paper to eAuthorize, validation of payments is quick and painless!


Increases Security & PCI Compliance

Regardless of whether you’re a sky-diving daredevil or a calculated, test-the-waters-first kind of person, we can all agree on one thing- the PCI liability and risk is simply too great to have paper payment authorization forms floating around the office. eAuthorize will help you make data breaches a nightmare of the past by boosting security and compliance to protect yourself and your guests!


Technology for Future Billing

Through Sertifi’s eAuthorize product, your customers payment data is secure and tokenized every time. Users with the appropriate security level have access to technology for future billing. Need more to love about it? You’ll also gain 100% control of which employees within your organization have this special access.


Superior Guest Experiences

We know you’re the host with the most so there’s nothing you hate more than an unhappy guest. With the security and convenience of eAuthorize, we’re here to help you turn some frowns upside-down!


And SO Much More

These clear advantages, in addition to many other benefits such as complete and accurate forms, digitization of business processes, and reduction of charge backs, are among the reasons why we’re so excited to share eAuthorize with the hospitality industry.


Hyatt’s Senior Vice President of Events, Steve Enselein says “We think that the ease of payment, the security and the simplification is going to make it a tool that everyone is going to embrace around the globe.”


Hyatt Hotels Corporation has embraced Sertifi as an enterprise solution, deploying it to all full-service hotels in North America. Now, Sertifi is continuing it’s partnership with Hyatt by rolling out pilots of eAuthorize at multiple properties. Check out the video below to hear all about how well our services are helping Hyatt close business seamlessly, without all of the unnecessary hassle.


Are you ready to join our friends at Hyatt who are taking the complication out of how they close business with eAuthorize? Schedule a demo or contact us about pricing in order to learn more about what we can do for you and your business!