An Exciting New Partnership with Foley

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Sertifi has an exciting new partner to add to the list. We’re thrilled to announce that Sertifi and Foley are now working together to create a better way to close business. For over two decades, Foley has been a leading provider of compliance, financial, and background screening services for the transportation industry. From freight factoring to a DOT-compliant drug and alcohol program, they provide motor carriers with the products and services they need to drive their businesses forward.


Sertifi’s Closing Pro+ product is enabling Foley to simplify the onboarding process for factoring clients, allowing them to receive payment for their first invoices almost a week faster than was previously possible. “In the past, clients would need to print, sign and return their onboarding documents to us before we could process their first funding,” said Nicole LaFollette, Director of Underwriting Operations.



“Now that we’re working with Sertifi, the entire process can be managed electronically.”

The Sertifi Solution

When a client signs on with Foley, they’ll receive a Sertifi generated email. The email contains a secure link to their factoring documentation. Here, they can review their paperwork, initial, and electronically sign and send the completed forms back to Foley instantly. Sertifi also offers a place for reps and clients to interact and ask questions in real time. All responses and follow-up questions are forwarded directly between the rep’s and client’s email for greater convenience. These interactions are also stored within the audit trail to ensure they’re available for future reference.


“Because drivers no longer have to wait until they’re home before completing their onboarding process, Sertifi has helped us make same-day approvals more likely than ever,” said LaFollette. “It also means most first fundings are paid out within 48 hours.”


Sertifi is thrilled to help Foley take the friction out of their business. The international Factoring Association posted an article about Foley’s implementation of Sertifi. To learn more about our new partnership, check out the IFA’s press release or read more on Foley’s blog.


Want to make your business frictionless?

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