Alignment Virtual Series Featuring Josh Farkas

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Welcome to this week’s edition of our chat series, Alignment. Director of Marketing for Sertifi, Phil Corbett, leads conversations with professionals and thought leaders in different industries focused on their current strategy, alignment and views of popular business processes 


Today’s edition features CEO of Cubicle Ninjas, Josh Farkas. Josh founded Cubicle Ninjas almost 13 years ago along with 2 startups, 13 children’s books, and 3 graphic novels to mention a few of his accomplishments. Today he shares guidance on how companies should be focusing their marketing efforts, defining what is most important to put out in the market, streamlining and aligning with your audience, and much more. To listen to the full chat and learn more on how to capitalize on marketing opportunities click below. 


Cubicle Ninjas is a full service digital agency providing solutions for their clients by blending features of a design and creative marketing agency.


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