Employee Spotlight: Meet Anna

Q: How would you describe your role in the employee experience? 

A: Employee experience captures everything from the time a potential employee sees a job posting and does their research on us, to the end of their lifecycle, and making sure they have the resources they need beyond Sertifi. So everything from coordinating interviews, scheduling onboarding, ensuring employees are set up for success when they start, checking in with new hires, managing performance, and the fun elements like hosting events that interest our employees and keeping tabs on what we need and making adjustments.

Q: How has your role has evolved? 

A: My office management responsibilities were tied to the physical office, like greeting guests and candidates, stocking snacks, or collecting mail. There’s not a need for that right now, so I’ve been able to expand my role with payroll, employee benefits, and helping out some other teams like Finance with some projects. I’ve also been able to dabble in some graphic design work, collaborating with the Marketing and People team on our social media presence and employer branding. 

Q: What is your proudest moment at Sertifi (so far)?

A: One of my proudest moments was winning Culture Champion at the holiday party last year. It was a huge honor to be recognized by the entire team for my efforts to drive Sertifi’s culture.

Former Actor.  Dog Mom.  Culture Champion.

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Q: What do you like to do in your spare time?

A: Up until about 2 years ago all of my free time was spent at the theatre, either on stage or behind the directing table. Then, I decided to take a break and learn how to enjoy having my evenings free. Currently, that time is filled with taking care of my puppy, Llewyn, cooking, and revisiting some of my favorite TV shows and movies. Currently on my 2nd time through The Sopranos. But that theatre bug is still there… who knows when I will get back to it. 

Q: What tv show/movie are you ashamed to admit you love? 

A: I have recently got back into Survivor. The game has changed a lot since I watched it back in early 2000, and it has been super fun to watch. Also, still a fan of The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Q: What would you most like to tell yourself at age 13?

A: It’s a good thing to be different. Keep being yourself and following your passion. Don’t let anyone stop you, put you down, or make you question who you are. Also, you should skip on the sock arm warmer look, you’re not Avril Lavigne. 

Q: What core value do you associate the most and why? 

A: ‘Help Each Other and Do What’s Right tie into my role on a daily basis. A lot of my role is helping employees in different ways, whether it’s running a town hall or something more behind the scenes like making sure information is correct in payroll.